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Who is the Ideal Agent?

Our Top-rated Agents Make All The Difference For Our Customers

Rexford was created to deliver a better home selling experience to home sellers at a fair commission. We do that by partnering with the very best agents in each market, typically the top 1% in sales performance. Agents in our network utilize technology and business practices to bring efficiency to the real estate transaction and pass that savings on to Ideal Agent clients in return for a steady stream of quality business. We pride ourselves on having the highest minimum qualifications in the industry. In most cases, our agents represent top teams with 14+ years experience and close between 100 and 200 transactions per year. Our network is invitation only and agents cannot pay to join. If you meet our minimum qualifications, you may send us your information to be placed on our waiting list for upcoming opportunities to join our network in your local market.

Are You An Ideal Agent?

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